Strawberries are always popular! January 15th is Japan’s Strawberry Day, because of a clever pun in Japanese – 1 and 5 are read separately as ‘ichi’ and ‘go’, resulting in ‘ichigo’, the Japanese word for ‘strawberry’. This favorite fruit of […]

Onigiri Cafes: Japanese Comfort Food on the Go

Also known as omusubi, onigiri are made by shaping rice into balls or triangles. Many Japanese love them because they’re cheap, simple, satisfying, and great for packed lunches. You’ll find a wide range of onigiri fillings and flavors, from traditional […]

VR Ninja Dojo in Tokyo – Opening in March

Japan’s ninja were masked warriors who lurked in the shadows and were ready to strike at any moment with swords and ninja stars. But how did they learn such techniques? Find out firsthand at the VR Ninja Dojo, a new […]

Japanese Bathing Culture

Sento, Japanese public bathhouses, is one of the Japanese traditions. You can still find many of them around Ota-ku or Edogawa-ku. Go Tokyo website helps you to learn the history of Sento and some tips when you visit one. Learn More

Hanami experience in Tokyo

Many people around the world already know that the people of Japan gather around to view and celebrate their colorful cherry trees in bloom between late March and early April, which is called “Hanami”. Where should you go for the […]

Download “Talking Tokyo” and Go Explore!

Tokyo is steeped in four centuries of tradition. Talking Tokyo explores the city fromthe perspectives of Canadians and other North American visitors, uncoveringhidden treats, fresh attractions and the myriad ways this global metropolis cansurprise and delight with its intricate interweaving […]

HATSUMODE: A Shrine Visit in the New Year

As soon as the New Year begins, many Tokyoites visit a shrine for the old Japanese custom known as ‘hatsumode’ or ‘first prayer of the year’. The whole city is arranged around hatsumode. Trains and buses run all night, and […]

Winter FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019 -Tokyo Nihonbashi-

The most famous traditional custom in Spring is known as hanami (“flower viewing”) and it usually lasts from late March to early April in Tokyo. However, you can experience beautiful spring flowers in Tokyo as early as January. FLOWERS BY […]